• Complete list of goods; a single application may be filed for registration of a mark for more than one classes of goods;
  • Full name, address, occupation and nationality of applicant;
  • Power of attorney, simply signed and stamped with the company's seal. The power of attorney is also valid for subsequent applications. Appointment of agent is compulsory;
    Power of Attorney Form in .doc format
    Power of Attorney Form in .pdf format 
  • 10 facsimiles in black and white; where colour is a distinctive feature, 15 additional specimens reproduced in colour are required; if the mark consists of a word in ordinary block letters, no facsimiles are required;
  • A certified copy of home application or registration with a translation attested by the agent is required only in convention cases (to be filed within three months of the date of filing), if not filed simultaneously.

Minimum requirements on filing date: filing of a trademark application without simultaneous lodging of the power of attorney is not possible.