Industrial Designs

  • Power of attorney, simply signed by the applicant;
    Power of Attorney Form in .doc format
    Power of Attorney Form in .pdf format
  • Graphic representation or original photograph in quadruplicate (max. size: 16 x 16 cm);
  • Priority Documents, if claimed;
  • Documentation regarding succession, if applicable, either notarised or legalised by Apostille. For US applicants a certified copy of the US assignment is acceptable.
Priority: must be claimed within six months of the priority date.

Minimum requirements on filing date :
A. The complete applicant’s and creator’s data (name, address and nationality)
B. The complete data concerning the priority, (Number, date of the filing)
C. A set of original photographs of the design(s) in quadruplicate (their dimensions may not exceed 16x16 cm. The photographs may be in black and white or in colour), or a set of the formal drawings.

IMPORTANT: The Greek Law on Design Protection allows for photographs, which are only susceptible to "offset" reproduction. The other documents may be submitted within 4 months of the filing date of the application.